What is ConnectOTT?

ConnectOTT is a dinner and networking event that creates strategic opportunities to meet inspiring people in the city of Ottawa.

The event bridges the gap between emerging professionals looking to progress in their careers and grow their networks and well-established community and industry leaders who have been there and done that and are looking to give back.

Throughout a three-course dinner, participants are matched with leaders in industries of their choice. Each course is spent with 2 leaders and 6 young professionals, a format which maximizes face time and allows for both mentorship and network opportunities to develop in an intimate setting.

This year’s event will be attended by over 240 participants including 60 leaders in 10 different industries.

What's Our Story?

In 2012, a group of us got to talking about our careers in Ottawa and where we were headed next. Some of us were looking for mentors, others for new jobs and most of us to grow our networks within our fields.

While we had established networks within our group of peers, if we wanted to level up, we weren’t quite connected to the people who could help. You know, the people who had been there and done that, the successful people we’ve all heard about; the startups, the foodies, the marketing execs and all of the change makers that were making Ottawa great. How could we get into the calendars of those big wigs for advice in our fields? You could troll LinkedIn, ask a few friends, but there was nothing that existed in Ottawa to help.

ConnectOTT was born to remove the luck of the draw from networking events and create more strategic and valuable networking opportunities so that the inspiring people, no matter what stage of their career, could finally meet each other.

We’re on a quest to make networking better for everyone; young professionals so they can meet the right leaders and gain valuable mentorship opportunities and career upgrades and industry leaders so they can knowledge-share, become mentors and maybe even find top talent,as well as get to know their peers.

The 2016 Committee Committee

ConnectOTT is a 100% Volunteer Led organization. We are a group of young professionals across multiple sectors who eat, drink and sleep ConnectOTT to make certain that we provide the best possible event for our guests and stakeholders.

As the 2016 Co-Chairs we can’t thank or recommend the below professionals enough for all of their amazing work and the skills that they brought to the ConnectOTT workroom.

Alison and Leigh-Ann

ConnectOTT Co-Chairs


Leigh-Ann Redmond

Co-Chair and Marketing Communications Lead


Alison Sochasky

Co-Chair and Project Lead

Sponsorship and Sales


Ben Sherman

Sponsorship Lead


Will Roantree



Erin McGlade

Bulk Ticket Sales

Web Team


Mila Koeva

Website Developer

Alexander Piercey

Alexander Butt-Piercey


Social Media and Marketing


Caitlin O’Higgins

Social Media Coordinator


Dawn Crabtree



Lizza Acevedo

Graphic Designer

Event Logistics


Nadine Atkinson

Event Night Volunteer


Michael-Anthony Clement

Consumer Analytics


Emily Hiemstra

Event Night Volunteer


Patrick Mahaffy

Event Night Volunteer

John Finnigan-Linn (Finn)

Evening Photographer

Honourary Member


Martin Kratky-Katz

Co-Founder and Honourary Life Member


We’re already starting to plan for 2017!

Want to join the ConnectOTT Committee and help? Email info@connectott.com